FAQ about Big Odds Predictions

FAQ about Big Odds Predictions
The big Odds Predictions crew has added the most frequently asked questions by our clients. Below, we will reveal
more FAQs and our way of work and services.

Read carefully all FAQs below.

Of course, we can't cover all your questions. Please, don't hesitate to contact us if
you can't find the answer to your question below.
1Have your past results really been as good as displayed on your history page?
Of course! You will understand this best by becoming our client. But to be sure of the results, you can ask the team for photos from emails about the tips we have given to some of our regular clients.
2How do you maintain such a high win rate with Big Odds?
Through statistical development tools, competitions, and team monitoring. Moreover, long research on betting factors, and stats analysis, hard work on our talented high odds tipster Michael.
3Is your winning percentage accurate?
Yes, we carefully track the performance of all our tips and carefully calculate our winning percentage each month. You can follow our monthly big odds statistics every month on our homepage.
4How many tips can I count on receiving each day?
Depending on the service you choose:

Single - 1 daily tip

Combo - 2 combined tips daily

Acca - 3 combined tips daily

Corner - 1 up to 3 tips daily

Weekend Pack - All services together Saturday and Sunday

5When will I receive your football tips?
Tips are emailed early so that you have plenty of time to place your bets before the matches. You will receive your tips at least 2 hours prior to the start of a match. Some days we give the tips the night before. For example, this happens if we know that the odds will fall a lot in the morning.
6Do you provide a soccer betting system to your customers?
Of course, if you are a beginner you will definitely need such help. Being our client, we always ask if there is a need for this, and if so - we ask you the right questions and make the right betting strategy for you depending on your bankroll.
7Do you focus your tips only on Major Football Leagues
Big Odds Predictions team like to search the lesser-known leagues for great tips as well. It’s been our experience that these secondary matches can produce big winnings, but most of the tips are from the major leagues.
8Which payment methods did you accept?
We accept PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, Credit/Debit card, Bank Transfer, and Crypto (Bitcoin and USDT and more). The easiest way to purchase is by clicking on the BUY NOW button. You will be redirected to the PayPal gateway. For the other methods please contact us or use our payment mail: bigoddspredictions@gmail.com
9What is your average win rate?
Our average win rate is over 65-75% on monthly basis. The daily winning rate is Over 78-87%.
10How will I receive your football predictions?
We will email them to you directly via Gmail every day.
11Why do you email your tips?
We believe this is the fastest, most convenient, and safe way to receive our football predictions.
12Is my success with your tips guaranteed?
We cannot guarantee the results 100%, at the end of the day this is betting, nobody can predict it 100%. We can only offer our high-quality big odds tips and our commitment to providing the best support and service.
13How long have you been in the betting industry? What is your experience?
We are in the football betting industry for over 13 years.
14How can you prove that you are not another soccer tips scammer?
Once you get a tip from us you will see that we fill it in our archives without hiding the prediction result – no matter whether win or loss. We are honest. Again it's good to ask everything you want before you buy our tips. We have great support ready to answer all your questions.
15Do you have any discounts for your clients?
Yes, you can check the information on our DISCOUNT page. We have discounted service every month.
16Which bookmaker do you use most often?
We use all bookmakers. We always comply with the client's bookies and their football programs, odds, etc. The odds that are displayed on the website are taken from Bet365, the most used bookmaker.
17Do you have the money-back option?
No, we don't, but we provide replacement tips if the results are bad in the end. For that question please contact us because this is personal info.

More FAQ?

Of course, there may be many questions that we have not answered above. Please set them by contacting us at bigoddspredictions@gmail.com or simply use our contact form at the bottom of the home page.

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